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    So what is the “One Voice” all about?  Well, when you were born you became part of the “One Voice” for the Earth.  Each of us all around the World share a common bond by the fact that we all have the same needs.  We all need to eat, have shelter, warmth, transportation, and clothing.  Add to that all of the less essential things we include in our lives and one begins to realize what an impact each of us has on this Earth.  WOW!  So everyday, both individually and collectively, we help heal the Earth or we further damage the Earth.  Each of us makes that choice everyday.  Now is the time for every individual, all around the World, to make the changes needed to truly care for God’s EARTH!  It is now up to each of us to take full responsibility for everything we touch, the energy we use, and the purchases we make.  It is time to own the stewardship for which we have been entrusted.  Just think, if we each did our part, the World would begin to heal and be a better place to live for all of us, especially our future generations. 

   Together we can make the changes and create the tools that are needed now for a sustainable future.  Our children’s children have the right to hope beyond survival, and thrive.  Each of us are powerful individuals and together we have the ability to truly change the World!  All together, we are the ONE VOICE FOR THE EARTH.

      Please contact us now to get scheduled.  We do one hour workshops over the lunch hour at your place of business,  one hour workshops at your house of worship, and five hour educational seminars once a month on a Saturday.  Please see the “What We Do” page for more information.  Please “contact us” by phone or e-mail to get scheduled and to get your questions answered.  Please consider sponsoring this important, critical work.  Also, we welcome and value your thoughts and ideas!        Thank You!       


A “blower door” test

Seven of the over 7.6 billion reasons to go green!

Germany, thanks to the “FIT” program