Here’s What We Do!


There are several opportunities for you! 


1) AT YOUR WORK-  We offer an inspiring one hour workshop during the lunch time that is a mix of green ideas for change along with stories of what others have accomplished.  All workshops include visual aides for those visual learners!  So bring your “Green Bag Lunch” and your questions and ideas and let’s have some fun!

3)  ONCE A MONTH AT YOUR LOCAL LIBRARY, HOUSE OF WORSHIP, HOME OWNERS ASSOCIATION MEETING, ETC.-  Bring your “Green Bag Lunch” and your questions and let’s get down to business!  During this seminar we go through all of the energy using systems in your home or apartment, discussing how they work and what the opportunities are to make them more energy efficient.  We also quantify the significance of each energy saving change.  We ask our participants to take a look at their own lifestyle, from home to work to their transportation needs.  With this awareness we brainstorm ideas for how we can save additional energy.  Get ready to have fun.  We incorporate stories, some humor (sometimes we are even funny), and may offer an occasional song.  You will leave with many ideas and hopefully a smile on your face.  Thank you for making a difference in this World! 

4)  AT YOUR SERVICE ORGANIZATION MEETINGS (KIWANIS, ROTARY, LIONS, CLUBS, ETC.)-  These meetings are typically in the early morning hours and occasionally in the evening.  We will come prepared with a short inspirational and motivating speech on a limited “Green” topic designed to fit the time allowed in the meeting.  Visual aids may be utilized.

    One Voice for the Earth is seeking financial sponsorship from individuals, organizations, GREEN companies, and from grants.  If you or your organization is interested, or you know of someone who may want to help continue this important work, please contact us.  Thank you for your help!

5}  WORK FOR CHANGE-  Why can’t we recycle pill bottles?  Why are many restaurants still not offering recyclable or compost-able “take home” containers?  Is there another way to take leftovers home?  What about all those phone books that show up on your doorstep every year?  What are other ways we can easily reduce our energy consumption with out missing out on anything.  These are the kind of questions we ask ourselves.  Now is the time for each of us to evaluate our whole lives.  Statements like: “well that’s the way we have always done it” aren’t good enough any more.  Working toward positive changes are what we do in our spare time (like we have any).

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2) AT YOUR HOUSE OF WORSHIP- We offer a more spiritually based presentation.  This can happen during your adult Sunday school time or can be an evening event.  We can also participate in your worship service offering both songs and good words.  Let us help you get the message out!  Earth Stewardship Rocks!




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